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This is going against the grain, as admittedly I am one of the sugar police, however, a recent study by the prestigious Harvard University found that a daily portion of one of these fruits can help you shed pounds!! This is because they contain high......

By eating plenty of protein foods every day it will help to keep your metabolism running, energy up and our blood sugar levels stable.  You might think you are eating enough protein overall, but are you? and are you eating the right kinds? Protein is......

About Protein Princess   Well finally my very first blog as to where and why Protein Princess was established!  To be honest I am confused and stressed as to where to start and what you ladies are actually interested in reading, however I’ve decided to......

Looking for the best fitness gear of 2017?  If you really want to achieve your New Year’s resolution to fight the festive flab and finally get that toned, healthy and sexy physique you’ve always longed for then it’s time to get serious. Start as you......

Ditch the fad diets! There’s a good chance that right about now there are women out there starving themselves on celery sticks, cutting out carbs, eating only at night and many other versions of extreme dieting just to get into that black party dress and......