Protein Princess | 5 Fruits that can help you shed pounds!
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5 Fruits that can help you shed pounds!

5 Fruits that can help you shed pounds!

This is going against the grain, as admittedly I am one of the sugar police, however, a recent study by the prestigious Harvard University found that a daily portion of one of these fruits can help you shed pounds!!

This is because they contain high levels of weight-loss boosting flavonoid compounds.  They also up energy expenditure and lower fat absorption too.

grapefruit shed pounds

            1.  Grapefruit

The Nutrition and Metabolic research centre found in participants that just half a grapefruit led them to shed                         nearly 4lb over 12 weeks as it regulated their fat metabolism.


blueberries lose weight

          2.  Blueberries

These little purple beauties are rich in antioxidants called phytochemicals.  The University of Michigan found                           that this particular type of antioxidant zapped belly fat!  It is thought that this is due to the effect on how the body                 stores and breaks down sugar.

granny smith apples fat fighting

          3.  Granny Smith Apples

The traditional Granny Smith apple not only keeps the doctor away, but also fat!  The apple cultivates fat-fighting                   gut bacteria, found by the Washington State University.

lemons in a bowl. fat fighting alkaline

         4.  Lemons

Lemon’s detoxify the liver by alkalising your body when metabolised, stimulating the liver to burn fat.  Best way to                  incorporate them into your diet is buy having slices in water.  Having 2 cups before a meal is a proven method to lose              weight, by helping to fill you up, thus eating less!

coconuts lose weight

          5.  Coconuts

You may have been wondering what all the hype is with Coconut Oil, well its because Coconut’s are rich with                             medium chain triglycerides (MCFAs) which expand the liver’s rate of digestion system by up to 30 percent.  They                       also keep you full for longer so you’re less likely to snack. Coconut oil is also linked to aiding the thyroid gland.                         Good sources of coconut that contain MCFA’s are Coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut flour, and destroyed                                   (unsweetened).

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