Protein Princess | An Introduction
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An Introduction

Introducing Protein Princess

Protein Princess is a unique supplier of high-quality protein supplements – designed for women, by women.


After decades of the sports nutrition industry being dominated to fit male health goals, it was time for change! Research has found that most women lack enough protein in their diets to actually change their shape and maintain it.


Today, women all over the UK are able to benefit from our bespoke blends of premium natural whey and vegan proteins.


The protein shakes we offer are ideal for all women who live healthy and active lifestyles, or are trying to change their shape.  By keeping our products highly tailored just for women, we know that our women will get the right kind of supplements and nutrients to meet their goals.


We have blends for after a workout, as a quick meal on the go or simply to secure your daily amount of proteins – it is tailored to complement the health of any women who aims to achieve that slim, lean and healthy look of a happy body.

Our Unique Ethos

We enjoy honest products just as much as you do. That is why our shakes:


  • Contain only premium whey isolates.
  • Are free from artificial additives, flavouring and sugars.
  • We only use natural Stevia Leaf.
  • Designed for women’s macronutrient needs.
  • Maintain the health of your muscles & bones.
  • We have vegan-friendly.
  • Are as natural as it gets; if we don’t know what it is, it is denied access.