Protein Princess | Best Fitness Gear 2017
Wondering what the best fitness gear are for 2017? Then take a look at our blog to get the hottest products to help you reach your fitness goals.
Best Fitness Gear 2017
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Best fitness Gear for 2017

Best fitness accessories 2017

Best fitness Gear for 2017

Looking for the best fitness gear of 2017?  If you really want to achieve your New Year’s resolution to fight the festive flab and finally get that toned, healthy and sexy physique you’ve always longed for then it’s time to get serious. Start as you mean to go on and set the standard for 2017.

For some people, getting kitted out with the most useful fitness accessories can be a great motivating factor to help you keep going – trust me, those shiny new trainers will be practically begging to be taken out of their box for a good beasting!

From shoes to fitness trackers, we have put together some of our favourite fitness accessories for you to try in 2017.

Training shoes

Innovate 8 fastfit 326 crossfit womens shoes

Our pick: Inov-8 Women’s Fastlift 325 Weightlifting Shoes

Why we like them: At Protein Princess we are strong advocates of using weights to change your shape. However, if you’re serious about it, you need the right kit and that includes special weightlifting shoes.

The Inov-8s are our favourite because they are light with superior flexibility and grip and are designed to allow easy transition between weightlifting and other functional movements in the same work out. They offer an extremely stable base for lifting and are basically very comfy!


optoma-nuforce-be6i bluetooth earphones

Our pick: Optoma NuForce BE6I Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Why we like them: There’s nothing more annoying than headphones that keep falling out of your earhole while you’re exercising, or getting tangled up in long wires mid-bench press. The Optoma NuForce headphones are Bluetooth and wireless – which means no long cords and, with a 30-metre range, you can even leave your phone on the floor while you focus on your workout.

They are robust enough to handle most sports and can play music and take calls for up to eight hours before the battery runs out. Oh and they are available in gold colour. Enough said.

Fitness Trackers

Our pick (for Samsung): Samsung Gear Fit2 GPS Fitness Band

Why we like it: You can go out with this fitness band while your phone stays at home. The built-in GPS tracks your route, distance and speed in real time. Using the ‘Game Face’ feature you can see your current stats at a glance without having to fiddle with settings. The heartrate monitor is incredibly accurate, and with auto activity tracker, there’s no need to tell it what activity you are doing; it just knows!

Our pick (for iPhone): Apple Watch Series 2

Why we like it: Let’s face it, Apple doesn’t make bad products and the Apple Watch is no exception. This is a nifty piece of kit that does everything you want it to do when it comes to tracking your health and fitness. It has loads of features and apps to help you stay motivated including built-in GPS, water resistance, advanced activity tracker, heart rate sensor, breathe app and complete workout app.

You can also mix and match the cases, straps and faces, which we think is a really cool added fashion bonus.

Smoothie maker

best fitness accessories 2017

Our pick: NutriBullet 600

Why we like it: A smoothie maker is an essential part of your health and fitness programme. Everyone should have one as it’s a quick and easy way of mixing up your shakes and cramming loads of fruit and vegetables into your diet. But it’s only quick and easy if you’ve got the right kit. You can’t go wrong with a NutriBullet when it comes to crushing ice, cracking through stems and shredding tough skins for a pulp-free smoothie.

Workout gloves

best fitness accessories 2017

Our pick: Nike Fit Women’s Training Gloves

Why we like them: If you’re going to start lifting weights to change your shape, then you need a good workout glove to protect your hands from blisters and to give you a better, safer grip on the equipment. These are perfect with a padded palm and stretchy fabric for extra ventilation and mobility.

Fitness planner/Workout diary

Gym Diary - pocket log book with tough, clear plastic covers... (Red)

Our pick: Gym Diary – A pocket-sized workout log book

Why we like it: Although you can get an app for everything these days, there are still occasions when good old fashioned pen and paper are the best tools for the job. When it comes to keeping a record of your exercises – and especially your weight training routine – this Gym Diary is spot on. The pages are already laid out for you to record the exercises, weights and reps so you can easily track your progress. There’s space to record 100 workouts with up to 10 exercises and five sets per session, plus a cardio section.

Running Belt

flipbelt fitness belt

Our pick: FlipBelt fitness belt

Why we like it: When you’re going for a run or to the gym, you still need to carry some essentials with you, even if it’s just your phone, keys and water. Running armbands can’t carry everything and running pouches often bounce up and down uncomfortably. FlipBelt easily fits all those items, including large phones, and stays flat on your waist without riding up or chafing – happy days!

Workout Equipment

Our pick: Kettlebells set

Why we like them: Kettlebells exercises make an excellent addition to any strength training and fitness program and are brilliant for home workouts. This set has three varied kettlebell weights to get you started.

Have you got any of these accessories?  Let me know what you think in the comments below..

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