Protein Princess | Do You Squat, Clean, Jerk or Snatch Regularly? Then You Need Some Women’s Weightlifting Shoes!
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Do You Squat, Clean, Jerk or Snatch Regularly? Then You Need Some Women’s Weightlifting Shoes!

Do You Squat, Clean, Jerk or Snatch Regularly? Then You Need Some Women’s Weightlifting Shoes!

Yes that right!  If you are a regular weight lifter and perform the above exercises regularly you certainly need a women’s weight lifting shoe!

Why?!  You may be thinking.  Well, the bog standard trainer/running shoe is made for just that.  They have an inbuilt cushion to absorb impact.  This is great for pounding the road, but not so much for weightlifting!  In fact by wearing a women’s weightlifting shoe you will certainly be able to lift heavier!  A weightlifting shoe will help you absorb the force and use it to your advantage.  The more force you can produce the more weight you can move.  Simple law of physics.

Right, so don’t all go flipping off your trainers and start lifting barefoot.  Yes, its a good start, however, weightlifting shoes also have other benefits.  A raised heel.  Having a raised heel allows you to squat deeper as you have full range of movement in your ankle.  Now we all love a deep squat now don’t we 🙂  Having that raised heel also helps your overall position, leading to perfect technique and pushing that barbell in the right direction ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Women’s weightlifting shoes also provide enhanced stability making sure you have a firm foundation to avoid injury.

Less injury + more training time = Banging Body!

Now there are different types out there and as you probably have guessed not a lot for ladies.  Nevertheless, I’ve scoured the market for you and here are some of the best:

Inov-8 315 Fastlift – £49.99

inov-8 womens weight lifting shoe

They are available in a variety of colours.  Made especially for you ladies!  They are an awesome crossover shoe, allowing you to transfer from weight lifting into explosive HIIT training if needed.  The shoe features a variety of technologies that ensure you perform at your best. From support and stability, the Power-Truss is located in the midfoot, and the sticky rubber compound offers excellent grip.  The shoe also features a Precision Fit, minimising foot slippage inside the shoe, allowing you to lift weights more safely.  The External Heel Cage (EHC) and Power-Truss system create strength for lifts without unnecessary weight.  To provide essential flexibility, the shoe incorporates a Meta-Flex groove in front of the metatarsal and a TPU midsole.  Think you’ll agree a lovely looking shoe at a very reasonable price!


inov-8 370 womens weight lifting shoe

Another Inov-8 Fastlift weight lifting shoe, though these are double the price.  Similar concept to their sister 315, but featuring Inov-8’s Boa® Closure System.  Contrary to traditional weightlifting shoes, the state of the art closure system affords smooth, even closure with no pressure points.  Micro-adjustability is guaranteed with one swift movement of the Boa® dial, offering infinite degrees of fine tuning.  Due to the stretch free nature of the system utilized by Inov-8, a stable platform designed to deliver absolute power transfer is an end result of the design specification.

Are they worth the extra £50??  I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoe – £185.00

Nike romaleo womens weight lifting shoe

Now these again come in a variety of colours and are actually a unisex lifting shoe.  When ordering just purchase normal size though.  Nike Romaleos have an exclusive NIKE contoured TPU heel wedge that cups the heel and supports the foot to provide unmatched lifting stability.  Incredible durability, perfect for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Squatting and Gym Wear.  Integrated lacing and double power straps lock foot firmly in place.  Ultra supportive, durable synthetic upper materials and construction.  Honeycomb-like system of trusses and bridges in the midsole for maximum stability.  Contoured, thermoplastic heel wedge ensures the optimal receiving position and provides maximum support without compression.  Not a cross over shoe, so please bear this in mind.

Adidas Powerlift 2 Shoes – 52.50


adidas womens powerlift 2

When you need power in your lift, make sure you’ve got a good foundation. These Powerlift 2.0 shoes offer a wide, solid base and a high-density midsole, all in a women’s-specific weightlifting fit and design. A lightweight mesh upper keeps things cool, and a power strap over the laces gives you anchored support.

Reebok Womens CrossFit Lifter Plus Training Shoes – £59.99

womens reebok crosslifter

Reebok Crossfit training shoes suitable for heavy lifting with heat activated U-Form mid foot wrap and full grain leather toe for comfort and fit.  These do not look at sturdy as the others and may not offer enough mid-sole support?!

Adidas Powerlift.3 Womens Weight Lifting Shoes – £74.95


adidas powerlift.3 women's weight lifting shoes

Adidas’s updated version of their Powerlift range for women are these little bad girls!  At £74.95 they are a reasonable price and offer great benefits.  Not only stylish they are a powerful shoe with a lockdown fit. These women’s weightlifting shoes are designed for the kind of stability you need as the load increases.

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