Protein Princess | Feast the Beast – Local Chef Prepared Meals Direct to You Door!
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Feast the Beast – Local Chef Prepared Meals Direct to You Door!

Feast the Beast – Local Chef Prepared Meals Direct to You Door!

A few months back a friends Facebook post caught my eye.  It was a simple image of a plastic tubs, filled to the top with healthy, cleaning eating meals.  Now, this was a Thank You post, tagged to a new local meal prep company called “Feast the Beast”.  If many of you are like me, I have a strong belief in supporting local businesses and have found business networking also very beneficial since starting Protein Princess, so I contacted Feast the Beast to see if we could meet up.

Lee Maitland feast the beast

Upon meeting Lee Maitland, the founder of Feast the Beast I discovered her was a Chef with years of experience in prestigious restaurants and catering services through out the UK and Europe.  Recently finishing a stint with the Nissan Formula 1 Team!  With this wealth of experience Lee knew he could offer this rising trend in fresh, healthy, high protein, prepared meals that are delivered to your door something new and exciting..impeccable flavour!

meal prep feast the beasthealthy high protein meal prep feast the beast

We all know that many of these healthy high protein recipes we cook or purchase don’t taste the same as the carb laden meals we sometimes crave (or eat!).  What Feast the Beast offers is a variety of proteins and sides with accompanying spices and flavours to make sure your meal is far from bland or boring.  Couple this with their very reasonable and competitive prices it easy to see why their client base is climbing every month!

Many of you may wonder why people opt for this kind of delivery service?  That’s easy to answer…convenience!  I myself subscribed to Hello Fresh purely for that reason.  Anything to prevent me traipsing off to the supermarket and wondering aimlessly in the aisles wondering what the hell to buy and returning with the same old meals, week on week!

Another reason why having your meals freshly prepared and ready to eat is that there, ready in the fridge when you get home from a busy day at work.  There’s far less temptation for you to pig out on something you’ll regret, especially when you’ve probably trained your ass of all week, only to get the guilts later on in the day or week!

Now if you fancy giving Feast the Beast a try they do individual meals for just £5, or 2 meals a day for £7.50.

If your already convinced it costs for 3 meals a day – 5 days a week is from £45.

For more details you can contact them via their Facebook

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