Protein Princess | Kettlebell Exercises – Why use Kettlebells as part of your workout?
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Kettlebell Exercises – Why use Kettlebells as part of your workout?

Kettlebell Exercises – Why use Kettlebells as part of your workout?

We love kettlebells at Protein Princess.  Kettlebell exercises make an excellent addition to any strength and fitness training workout. They’re great for targeting specific muscle groups as part of a big session in the gym, or for a total body workout on those days where you can only manage a quick 30-minute living room session. Kettlebell exercises combine both cardio and strength, so you can make sure those 30 minutes really count.

As you know, we’re all about the strength training here – it’s where you will see the biggest and most sustainable changes to your body shape and is key to getting that lean, toned, sex goddess body. Kettlebells are a great piece of all-round kit where strength training is concerned and the benefits don’t end there.

Here are some of the main reasons why we recommend kettlebells:

Cardio and strength

Because of the unique design of kettlebells, and the variety of exercises you can do with them, they are perfect for intense workouts that combine both cardio and strength, where you get the heart rate up while maximising muscle definition.

With the kettlebell swing, for example, you get intense resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning in one powerful exercise; great for building muscle and burning fat.

Total body workout

Exercises with kettlebells can be used for a total body workout. Because of their unique design and constantly changing centre of gravity, you can use them to recruit lots of different muscle groups for all-over strengthening and conditioning. Or you can use them to work on specific areas, depending on the exercise. While other weights are still beneficial, if you only buy one item for your strength training, then this one is worth considering.  Especially if your working out from home.

The shape and handle of the kettlebell means it can be used to perform fast, explosive ballistic movements, or slow, deliberate grinds. Each offers a different type of training experience for maximum effect.


Kettlebell exercises challenge us to move our bodies in certain ways – ways you probably haven’t tried for many years. The result is you become stronger, more agile and more flexible throughout your body.

Improved grip

Kettlebells have a much thicker handle than dumbbells and will help improve your grip and forearm strength.

Train anytime, anywhere

Kettlebells can be used for a total body workout on those days where you’re struggling to find the time. Kettlebell exercises offers a quick, yet effective option. And because the kettlebells are so small and portable, it means you can easily use them at home, in the park, or anywhere else you see fit, so you can get your strength training without having to visit the gym or set up a big rig in your living room. We have hand-selected some of the best kettlebell sets to start your kettlebell training.  We will also be posting videos of some beginners’ workouts using kettlebells in the near future, so stay tuned!

Remember, any strength training programme has to be supported by the right nutrition and adequate levels of protein to help fuel your improvement.

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