Protein Princess | Rise of the Protein Princess – Cardio or Resistance Training?
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Rise of the Protein Princess – Cardio or Resistance Training?

Rise of the Protein Princess – Cardio or Resistance Training?

The Rise of the Protein Princess – You may be asking Cardio or Resistance Training?!

If your gym is anything like mine, you will have noticed the rise in the amount of women  in the free weights section, resistance training.  Why you maybe asking??  Well, Shall I let you in to a little secret?!  They’ve done their research and learnt to get off those treadmills and to ditch the classes, as if you want that sculpted and toned body that is the place to be!

Don’t get me wrong, if you have a lot of body weight to lose cardio has its place.  You do burn more calories in the short term compared to resistance training, which is great for calorie deficit and to lose weight.  However, here’s the negative…you will only ever become a smaller version of your original self.  What I mean by that is your jingly jangly bits will still be jingly jangly bits, but smaller.  Doing cardio you do lose weight, but that is because you lose it from a variety of different masses.  You lose muscle, so ultimately you will never get that toned body you maybe craving.  A toned body comes from well-shaped muscles.

Some of you will be thinking hang on a minute wont I become bulky and masculine looking?? Well let me squash that myth right there!  There is enough research out there to prove that we do not produce enough testosterone to put on mass like men do.  Some women that are very muscly are striving to look like that and have trained to the extreme for years and years, taking a variety of supplements and living a very very clean lifestyle (i.e no Prosecco!!!).

By incorporating resistance training in to your gym sessions with either free weights or machines you will change your body shape dramatically.  This is because you burn calories even after your work out, sometimes up to 24 hours dependent on the intensity.  This is down to EPOC (Excessive Post-Exercise Consumption).  So whilst you’re watching Jezza or Judge Judy your body is still working and burn off calories!! #happydays

Having said that, you do need to lift heavy (to your maximum).  So if you can lift more 12 in a repetition of say a set of shoulder presses you need to increase the weight.  You should be nearly failing to raise the weight on repetition 11 and 12.  Once this becomes easy, raise the weight!  Watch as the fat starts to melt away, as another bonus with resistance training is that you lose mainly fat.

One other thing I do want you ladies to do though, is to ditch those scales!  Yes, I am going against the Holy Grail, but I want you to concentrate on your shape changing not your weight, as you will ultimately become heavier over time, as muscle is heavier than fat.  I’m telling you now I have never been more happier since I waved goodbye to my scales.  Instead measure yourselves, take pictures and focus on your progress rather than whether you have lost a few pounds here or there.  I am fitting in jeans I purchased a few years back that I could never do up and I have only trained consistently since Aug/Sept 2015.  I never had a figure like this when I ran 10k three times a week.

Nevertheless, a major thing that has changed in my life is my diet.  I like most women hate the word diet, as it conjures up images of us starving ourselves and eating rabbit food.  I’m happy to say this is not the case here.  What is paramount to obtaining that banging body is calculating your macronutrients (Protein, Carbs & fats) and upping your daily intake of protein.  Which I will discuss in next week’s blog.

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