Protein Princess | Episode 1 Vlog – Story Behind Protein Princess
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Episode 1 Vlog – Story Behind Protein Princess

Episode 1 Vlog – Story Behind Protein Princess

Thought it was about time that I did a vlog for you ladies so you can get to know me a little bit better and the reasons why I started Protein Princess.

Truthfully I have made this video hundreds of times over the last few months, only to bottle out uploading it to the website!!  I finally completed one last night and its took all night to upload it to You Tube.  In this time I have gone through every emotion possible and again toyed with not publishing it at all.

However, the reasons I started Protein Princess was about empowering and educating women like myself so that YOU can change your shape and be more confident with who you are.  So I decided that If I hideaway, I am going against the values of the brand!!

I AM a “normal” women with image and self confidence issues just like yourselves.  We come in all shapes and sizes with one goal to ultimately feel better about ourselves.  We are REAL women with busy lives who understand that we are human and that exercise and diet should be enjoyable, not punishment.

Protein Princess wants to make your fitness goals achievable and more importantly MAINTAINABLE!!

So ride with me on this incredible journey.  Get exercising, whether that’s lifting or Pilates and start your HIGH PROTEIN diet today!

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