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About Protein Princess

About Protein Princess

About Protein Princess


Well finally my very first blog as to where and why Protein Princess was established!  To be honest I am confused and stressed as to where to start and what you ladies are actually interested in reading, however I’ve decided to stop over thinking it and write from the heart.

I thought it would be a good idea for you all to know my background

So…my names Lindsey, I am 35, and I’m married to “Scottie to Hottie” and we have three beautiful children. I spent all of my youth being a full-time mother and eventually decided I needed to do something for myself and graduated from the Open University in 2014 with a LLB in Law. Unfortunately, even though I loved the subject I realised to be successful I would have to sell my sole to a corporation and work extremely long hours. This was definitely not for me nor my family, so when I was offered the chance to work part time as a Quality and Compliance Manger I jumped at it….

In this time I joined the gym, I’d always been active, however I was still podgy. My weight had started to creep up the older I got and I was fed up that I couldn’t lose the guinea pig left over from the kids that was attached to my waist. Going to the gym meant pounding the treadmill, classes and occasional “play with light dumbells” session. I just couldn’t understand after all the time I put in at the gym why I didn’t have that lean, feminine body I was after?!

Ever the researcher I looked into different workout regimes and tips and realised the women I aspired to look like all seemed to have something in common. They had banging bodies, tracked something called macros and lifted weights!! Both of these concepts were completely alien to me, as I had only ever considered healthy eating as counting calories and grazing on salads. Lifting weights was definitely only something men did.

Inside I was doing summersaults to learn that I no longer had to eat ice berg lettuce and vinegar to find my hidden six pack and that protein was my new best friend! Believe me I was sceptical when I learnt that I could eat up to 5 times a day, lift heavy and up my protein intake and still not end up looking like a she-hulk, but a lean goddess over time.

Like I said, to start this new way of life I had to up my protein intake (In my next blog I will explain why and the science behind it)…After trawling through the internet for hours to discover that the protein and supplements market is still heavily geared towards men and as such, suited their macronutrients more than us ladies. Yes, we can use any protein powder, but personally I found the protein, carbohydrates and fats very high and that a lot contained ingredients I definitely did not want to put into my body!

So this is where the /dream came for Protein Princess. To offer you ladies high quality protein blends and supplements that have been formulated in the UK especially for your macronutrient needs. That contains premium essential only ingredients to fuel you women to the raise the bar

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