Protein Princess | Can’t Women Just have Men’s Protein Powder?
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Can’t Women Just have Men’s Protein Powder?

cant women just have mens protein powder?

Can’t Women Just have Men’s Protein Powder?

The simple answer is YES!  However, this is the reason why we start Protein Princess in the first place, men’s protein is made for men.  It’s suits THEIR macronutrients.  You can have your partners protein shakes, but why would you want more calories, carbs and fats?!


Maxinutrition – Maximuscle Cyclone 980g


Typical Values 100g Per 60g (serving)
Energy, KJ/kcal 1569/376 941/225
Fat, g 10.4 6.3
of which saturates, g 5.6 3.3
Carbohydrate, g 15.2 9.1
of which sugars, g 4.0 2.4
fibre, g 2.0 1.2
Protein, g 41.7 25.0
Salt, g 0.5 0.3
Zinc, mg 4.2* 2.5*
 *%RI = Reference Intake 42%* 25%*
BCAAs, g 11.7 7.0
Calcium HMB, g 2.5 1.5
HMB, g 2.2 1.3
Creatine monohydrate, g 8.3 5.0
Creatine, g 5.0 3.0
Glutamine, g 16.7 10.0

In comparison to:

Protein Princess – Whey 90 Isolate


Per Serving (25g) Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 436 1743
Calories (kcal) 98 392
Protein (g) 23 90
Carbohydrates (g) 1 6
…of which Sugars (g) 0.7 3
Fats (g) 1 3
…of which saturates (g) 2 6

You can see the serving size is over 50% smaller, even though you are getting the same amount of protein.  Protein Princess blends are a lot less calories, carbs, fats and sugar.  Designed especially for women’s macronutrient needs.  Also, we don’t use artificial sugar.  The tiny amount we do use comes from natural Stevia leaf and our blends contain no unnecessary artificial additives or fillers.

So ladies why would you want to use mens?!



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