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Start Here

So if you’ve come across this page you probably have a few questions you want answering.  Well, your in the right place!


Welcome to the home of Protein Princess.  Here you’ll find a wealth of health and fitness information that contains no crap and hls no punches and it’s all for you ladies!  It’s as straight up as we are..


There’s no shortage of websites and products offering you quick fixes and faddy diets that are more obsessive and miserable than the sane and sustainable.


We’ve all been on those workout programs that leave you feeling exhausted and a failure, rather than better, stronger, and more confident.  Pushing images and mantra’s of “look like me!” when its blatantly obvious they’ve NEVER EVER had your body issues or grind of life!

You certainly won’t find any of that rubbish here!


I am a mother of three, who HAS real life experiences, body issues and understands what its like to deprive yourself of the things you love to only end back where you were a few months later!


I’m to on a massive learning curve to finally build (and maintain) a fit, strong, confident body without obsessive eating habits or long, gruelling workouts that leave you exhausted?  I want to start actually feel great about myself today and not “someday” Do you to?

Too bloody right you do! So welcome to being the best version of yourselves!


So having said that, I want to make it clear there are no quick fixes here!  You will not discover the magic pill to lose all your wobbly areas, how to burn off the Prosecco you just drank, or lose a stone in a few days!….I WISH


What you will learn is about the right nutrition to help you change your shape and maintain it!  To have a balanced lifestyle as depriving yourself entirely of the things you enjoy, will lead to failure and right back where you started..

Eating and exercise should be enjoyable and not be stressful.  It should make you feel better about yourself and make you appreciate your body not just for how it looks, but for what it can do.  It should be part of your life, and shouldn’t dominate it!

So, now you get the gist of Protein Princess lets start arming you with bullshit-free information so YOU can achieve the results you want, feel great about yourself, and enjoy how you eat and move your body. It’s an empowering lifestyle, not a temporary fad.



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