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Top 10 Fitness Trackers

top 10 fitness trackers

Top 10 Fitness Trackers

Long gone are the days where the best fitness trackers are just cheap, plasticky activity bands with no style.  The market has now been flooded with new devices from the likes of Fitbit, Garmin, Withings and Misfit that offer serious style, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and useful insights into your health.

Choosing the right tracker for you will be based on numerous individual needs and dependent on how active your lifestyle is.  Some offer step counting and sleep tracking, others want GPS for running, advanced resting heart rate and VO2 max data.  The fab news is that there’s something out there for everyone and our comprehensive guide will help you choose the right one!

Got any questions? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll see if we can lend a helping hand.  Heres our top 10 fitness trackers.

Best fitness tracker

Fitbit Charge 2

Best fitness trackers 2017: Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Withings and more


Fitbit raised the bar with the Charge 2, and in spite of the device primarily falling somewhat a bit short of its own expectations, Fitbit has recently been bettering the wearable since launch, earning it a review score bump-up and a climb to the top of this list.

As well the common steps and sleep monitoring – all logged within Fitbit’s superb software|iphone app – the Charge 2 monitors heart rate continuously, displays resting heart rate and today now rates VO2 Max, a scientific gauge of fitness. New breathing training to combat stress adds to a stellar line-up of wellness features, while Fitbit’s new Sleep Stages and Insights, delivered via a software update, make this hugely more effective as a sleep tracker.

Heartrate tracking gets flaky during very strong workouts, indicating it falls short to the even more energetic user, while we still have some small complaints with the interface.  It accurately track running  with GPS NAVIGATION, but only if you take your phone with you.

Having said that, the Charge 2 is one of the strongest devices on the marketplace, and right now is our top tracker.

Feature check: Steps, sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, breathing training, VO2 Max.

£109.09, | Amazon

Runner up

Garmin Vivosmart HR

Best fitness trackers 2017: Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Withings and more


The Garmin Vivosmart HR equalled our best-ever review  rating when it arrived: it is actually all-singing, all-dancing and loaded with tech, although that still may or may well not make it the perfect choice for everyone.

Yes, the Fitbit Charge 2 has since knocked it from the top spot, but the Vivosmart HR offers a great mix of activity, cardiovascular and GPS monitoring, which makes it a no brainer for many who are pondering of getting a tracker, but nonplussed by the concept of taking a phone along for a run.

Although the band is still a little chunky for a few, and the screen is definitely not as attractive as the Fitbit Alta HR, it offers up in regards to week of battery life, is devilishly good when it comes to notifications and it’s water resistant to about 50m – even though the lack of a swimming mode is a disappointment.

Run figures are a little light – if you need more than pace, distance or basic HR data then you are going to need to move into proper GPS running watch territory.

Feature check: steps, sleep monitoring, 24/7 , cardiovascular rate monitoring, GPS.

£162.03, | Amazon

Best for wellness

Garmin Vivosmart 3

Best fitness trackers 2017: Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Withings and more


This every day tracker successor to the Vivosmart HR should go toe-to-toe with Fitbit’s Charge 2 as Garmin decides to get serious about stress.

On the design front, it still has that sporty silicone band but now provides a bigger black and white display, which melds into the curved strap and does its very best to stay discreet.

As well as the standard fitness tracking features it also contains an onboard cardiovascular rate monitor for 24 hours a day bpm data, VO2  Maximum testing, computerised exercise monitoring, Garmin’s Move IQ software and rep counting for us girls who like to lift. The decent accelerometer-based run tracking makes up for the missing GPS support as well.

Garmin’s big play is with stress tracking, using its cardiovascular system rate sensor to deliver heart rate variability measurements and producing a stress score. Like the Charge 2, it also provides guided breathing exercises to get you feeling tranquil. It’s not on point at times, but it is the best option out there if you need to manage mind and body.

Feature check: Steps, sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, heart rate variability stress scores, VO2 Max, rep-counting.

£129.99, | Amazon

Best for heart rate tracking

Withings Steel HR

Best fitness tracker


Mixed smartwatches have an inclination to be a little light on hardcore fitness features, but not the Withings Steel HR.

The top-notch pulse monitor under the stainless steel circumstance keeps tabs on your ticker 24/7 and chucks the data in to the first-class Withings Health Mate software app. What’s more impressive is the Steel HR still provides a 25-day battery life, placing other brands famous brands like the Fitbit to disgrace in both the design and longevity departments!

Pedometer, sleep and calories are all recorded accurately, and with a long press of the button the Steel HR jumps into running watch mode to measure distance and heart rate zones – although with no GPS, it won’t replace a Garmin.

The OLED screen located at 12 o’clock can display fitness metrics and offer details on basic notification, and the interior dial at 6 o’clock shows progress towards your step goal. It is the most fitness centred hybrid we’ve tested and still among the finest looking to wear around your wrist.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, 24/7 heart rate, 25-day battery.

£106.64, | Amazon

Best for simplicity

Misfit Ray

Best fitness tracker

Stylish and sleek, Misfit broke from the traditional design of its circular Shine tracker to offer something a little more discreet.

The Misfit Ray offers steps and sleep tracking, all within Misfit’s sleek and clean app, and will alert users to messages and calls from a paired smartphone. You can also add advanced swim tracking but that requires a $10 in-app purchase to make the Ray more pool-friendly.

As far as activity tracking goes, the Ray will count your steps, measure distance walked and estimate calories burned via a 3-axis accelerometer, as well as track activities such as cycling, yoga and dancing. There’s no heart rate here, nor GPS.

As far as customisation goes, there are a number of decent strap options from Misfit, and it can also be worn as a pendent. This, mixed with strong (if no frills) fitness tracking and a good price, means you can’t go wrong.

Trendy and sleek, Misfit shattered the traditional design of its circular Shine tracker to provide something a little more discreet.

The Misfit Ray offers steps and sleep tracking, all within Misfit’s sleek and clean app, and will alert users to text messages and calls from a paired smartphone. You can also add advanced  swimming tracking but that will need a £10 in-app purchase to make the Ray more pool-friendly.

As far as activity tracking goes, the Ray will count your steps, measure distance and estimate calories burnt via a 3-axis accelerometer, as well as keep track of activities such as spin, yoga and dancing.  Lacks heart monitor and GPS though.

As far as customisation goes, there are a variety of decent strap options from Misfit, and it may also be worn as a pendent. This, mixed with strong (if no frills) fitness tracking and a good price, means you cannot get it wrong.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, buzzes for smartphone notifications.

£79.99, | Amazon

Best for style

Fitbit Alta HR

Best fitness trackers


While the Fitbit Alta HR doesn’t vary too vigorously from its more seasoned kin in the looks office, with the expansion of a heart rate screen into the same smooth gadget, this is obviously the predominant tracker.

It’s regularly said that trackers with screens can’t be charming, yet the Alta HR’s extensive variety of compatible straps enable it to end up plainly a circumspect piece of your ordinary wear. You can get the lively Classic models at the lower end of the range in dark, blue, plum and greenish blue, with the more costly Luxe groups coming in leather and metal variations.

On the tech side, the Alta HR focuses on the organization’s solid focuses: rest, heart wellbeing and general prosperity. As far as the heart rate following, you’ll be timed at five-second interims, logging resting bpm and zones amid sessions.

While there’s no exercise mode or GPS, practice is consequently distinguished and logged, which implies it’s usable in fitness classes. There are still a few abnormalities amid high power exercises that fans will discover baffling, yet it for the most part holds up enough to give you a fundamental window into your wellness and ticker.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, HR tracking, customisable bands and notifications.

£115.99, | Amazon

Best for stroller-pushing parents (clip-on)

Misfit Shine 2

Best fitness tracker 2017


At the point when the Misfit propelled the Shine in 2012, it demonstrated that you can check your means without wearing an appalling bit of plastic around your wrist.

The Shine 2 stays unwavering to its unique components including an upgraded activity cut, cell phone warnings and vibration cautions. Likewise, the battery life practically kicks the ass of any of the trackers on this page.

Where it truly inspires however is information precision. When we put the Shine 2 up against a GPS running watch there was 0.1km contrast in the readings. On the off chance that solid information is your need, at that point this is the one to go for.

Be that as it may, for us it emerges as a result of its adaptability. It ships with a clasp, and has modes for joining to shirts, belts, shoes and pockets, which means surrey pushing guardians can get acknowledgment for their strolls – a typical demand on Wareable’s remarks and gatherings.

Feature check: Step tracking, sleep monitoring, smartphone notifications, waterproof for swim tracking.

£49.95, | Amazon

Best for getting in shape

Moov Now

Best fitness tracker 2017


Moov Now is a little, round component that you cut into a strap to wear around your leg and match with a cell phone. The point of the amusement is propelled sports preparing plans, at which it exceeds expectations, with noteworthy running, swimming and cycling information gone for improving you at the games you cherish.

The band brags steadily expanding levels of trouble, which offer a progressive however unmistakable change bend. With both running and seven-minute exercises included, it has all bases secured.

Shockingly better news is that Moov Now – the second era item – additionally fills in as an every day step and rest tracker, making it an OK action band when you’re not breaking out interim circumstances.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, advanced sports coaching, run/bike tracking.

£53.95, | Amazon

Best for a tight budget

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Best fitness trackers 2017: Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Withings and more

Now available outside China, the Mi Band 2 might not be as cheap and cheerful as its predecessor the Mi Band Pulse, but it does now add in an OLED display to check in on your stats. For the sub-£50 price, it still manages to pack heart rate monitoring on to the wrist for an astonishing price.

Xiaomi has shifted more than a million of its bands in China alone, making this possibly one of the best budget fitness trackers.

Feature check: HR tracking, steps, sleep, smart alarms, incoming call alerts.

£25.65, | Amazon

Best for losing weight

TomTom Touch

Best fitness tracker 2017

While it’s far from perfect – the TomTom Touch is unique at helping users track weight, thanks to its build-in body composition sensors.

Place your finger on the sensor and you’ll get a pretty accurate analysis of your body fat and muscle percentages. There’s a few percentage points difference between scales, but it’s a great way of tracking the benefits of your new exercise regime.

Feature check: Sleep, steps, 24/7 heart rate, body composition.

£85.53, | Amazon

Best for multisports

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Best fitness trackers 2017

This fitness tracker is definitely a wearable band that integrates fitness and sports features with reliable notifications in a reasonably priced package. Granted it isn’t a looker, but don’t let that put you off – the Vivoactive HR uses GPS to accurately track running, cycling and swimming with live pace and distances.

It’s not perfect – the screen is dull and the heart rate tracking can’t beat a chest strap – but as an easy to live with sports companion with access to Garmin Connect, this is a brilliant buy.

Feature check: Daily steps, 24/7 heart rate, GPS run/bike/golf tracking, notifications.

£175.05, | Amazon

Best for screen quality

Samsung Gear Fit2

Best fitness trackers

When it comes to that AMOLED panel on the front, the new Samsung Gear Fit2 rules the fitness trackers. With so many bands trading quality colour displays for longer battery life, they can make for a rather dull-looking crowd. The Gear Fit2 bucks that trend with a sumptuous 1.5-inch screen with an eye-popping 432 x 216, 322 pixels per inch.

On the fitness side there’s GPS built-in for run tracking and an optical heart rate monitor – all for a very competitive price tag.

Feature check: Steps, sleep, GPS and optical heart rate.

£136.00, | Amazon

We would love to know what you think of our list and if you have anything to add please use the comments below.  Do you have one of these fitness trackers?  Let us know what you think..

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